Based on the true story of the 1987 University of Minnesota men’s rowing team, Crew follows the against-all-odds, victorious season of a group of athletes who, fueled by personal sacrifice and a coach’s dream, set aside individual ambition in order to harness the power of a united purpose. It is the heartwarming story about being transformed by a sport, overcoming defeat, rising to challenge, accepting limitations and recognizing that love can come in the most surprising places.

At the heart of the story is Brad Melby, a classic underachiever. He isn’t athletically inclined, he’s never competed in anything and he’s not even in shape. But on his first day at the University of Minnesota, all that is about to change.

Brad has harbored a crush on Vanessa since childhood. Vanessa, a sophomore, is beautiful, smart, confident, graceful and unattainable. She is also the coxswain for the men’s crew team, and when he follows her to a recruitment meeting, Brad discovers he has one thing going for him: he’s tall, and this year, the U of M Men’s Crew needs a few tall men. As he longingly eyes Vanessa, it dawns on Brad that this could be a whole new beginning for him. It holds both the promise of glory and the intoxication of love.

In the spirit of Invincible, Miracle, Chariots of Fire, and Breaking Away, Crew asks the question: Can an unexpected hero who has never won anything, not even the girl, lead an unlikely team to an unforgettable triumph at the most prestigious collegiate rowing championship in the country?



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