A Look Behind the Scenes of Crew

Based on the True Story

When a young, directionless kid shows up at the University of Minnesota, his entire world opens up. He joins the rowing team, and he works harder to get a seat in the varsity boat than he’s ever worked at anything in his life. As it turns out, he’s not big enough, he’s not strong enough and he’s just not good enough. So he does the only thing he can do: he becomes their cheerleader. And his spirit is so infectious that the guys in the boat make an extra- ordinary decision—they decide that they would rather have him in the boat and lose, than not have him in the boat at all. Then, when he finally does get in the boat and they all row together, they’re able to access something that’s far beyond themselves. And it’s that spirit of unity and selflessness that propels them to winning on a scale they never imagined was possible.
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